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Property financing


You are a professional, so you will need to find premises to practice and obtain equipment such as machines or computer equipment for example. Financing for these operations may vary depending on the experience and stability of your business. Here are the different possible financing methods.


Using company funds to finance your equipment is a possibility, there are advantages but also disadvantages.

The advantage: Your company will be independent, you will not be linked to any other structure by credit or debt.

Disadvantage:  If you have a young company, financing this equipment will have a strong impact on cash flow, in which case it may not be the best solution.

The business loan

For professionals, there are two main families of financing. The first concerns real estate purchases for the acquisition of premises, the duration of which can reach 15 years, 180 months. The second is the solution for financing your equipment purchases and the duration is generally 7 years maximum.

In both cases, the loan will be concluded with a banking organization and the conditions will be negotiated. This allows you not to impact your cash flow all at once and of course, to deduct interest from your tax result. It is obvious that a loan binds you to a bank and that the latter will most certainly ask for a guarantee which can be the pledge of the property in question or a personal guarantee in order to guarantee its investment.


In this case the company pays rent to the organization but may, in the end, buy the goods at a predefined price in the leasing agreement. The rents are obviously deductible from the result of the company but the leasing will not appear on the balance sheet of the company.

If the use of the property is carried out over a long period, the buy-back option of the leasing can be interesting. 

Professional rental

It allows you to rent the equipment in question. The company will conclude an agreement with a specialized organization and will pay rent to it. They will of course be deductible from the result. Determined beforehand, at the end of the rental period, the equipment is returned unless an extension of the rental has been provided. The downside is that the assets do not appear on the company's balance sheet.