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Financing of SCPI

Civil Real Estate Investment Company

The SCPI aims to pool rental management risks, such as rental vacancy. This is possible thanks to the diversification of tenants, the geographical areas of the properties as well as their sector of activity. This investment solution, just like direct real estate, allows you to obtain additional income.

  • Tax exemption SCPI

  • Capitalization SCPI 

  • Distribution SCPI 

Yes but how does it work?

​ The SCPI on credit is financed like a conventional loan with various financing organizations. It is necessary that the loan is in agreement with the indebtedness capacity of the saver. A SCPI portfolio will then be chosen in order to diversify the investment, it must be in line with the interests and needs of the investor. The credit can be a classic depreciable loan or a loan in fine. It is possible to insert a contribution, although it is preferable and possible to finance 100% of the purchase of shares, this will allow you to allocate your contribution to other supports in order to diversify your savings.

Why Invest in a Credit SCPI

There are two different modes of acquisition meeting different needs,  

in cash and on credit. Financing an SCPI makes it possible to build up real estate assets by taking advantage of a significant leverage effect and with low savings effort. 

A leverage effect will make it possible to obtain greater capital by using the rents of the SCPI to be able to repay the loan in question. The credit charge will therefore be financed by the SCPI and your savings effort will be much lower.

The fundable SCPI can fit into different investment strategies, it can be the solution for acquiring real estate assets with accessible borrowing capacity and simplified management. Financing the SCPI on credit allows you to keep your cash while obtaining more shares, and therefore, additional income for your retirement. 

The interest of an SCPI is to invest over the long term, the duration of the investment is between 10 and 12 years, it will therefore be wise to choose loan durations in correlation with these durations.